PERFECTAGRO is the completely new concentrate of pure natural organic acids and amino acids, produced by our specialists from organic raw materials using the unique recipes on unique equipment.

PERFECTAGRO is the liquid concentrated solution of biologically active substances, stimulating plant growth, seed germination, fruit formation and other plant functions.

There are amino acids of plant origin in composition of PERFECTAGRO that are completely absorbed by the plant through the leaves and are immediately included in the protein synthesis cycle, saving a lot of plant energy. This is especially important when plants are in a state of prolonged stress

(heat, cold, lack of water, disease, etc.).

Benefits of using  PERFECTAGRO:

  • Eliminates plant`s micronutrient deficiency. Acts as the quick antistress agent, bringing the plants out of the their depression. Increases the yield and improves the quality of all crops. Is easily absorbed by plants through the leaves. Prevents yellowing, darkening and falling of leaves.
  • Increases the concentration of plant chlorophyll and anthocyanins. Improves photosynthesis and fixation of nitrogen by the plant. Stimulates the enzyme system and activates the synthesis processes. Participates in the synthesis of plant protein. When applied into the soil, it activates the soil microflora.

PERFECTAGRO composition:

  • Organic acids: 12,0-15,0%
  • Amino acids: 7,0-10,0%
  • Organic nitrogen (N): 2,0-3,0%
  • Phosphorus(P2O5): 0,3-0,5%
  • Potassium(K2O): 4,0-5,0%
  • Calcium: 1,5-2%

It is recommended to combine with HUMICAGRO (humic and fulvic acids concentrate),  that will double the power of fertility activation and plant growth.

PERFECTAGRO  application:

Ornamental plants and tree nursery, turf grass, landscaping (in general):
10 ml   PERFECTAGRO  + 10 ml  HUMICAGRO  per 10 liters water every  7 – 10 days.

In all crops:
200 ml   PERFECTAGRO  + 200 ml  HUMICAGRO  per 200 — 300 liters water per 1 ha every  7 – 10 days.

Horticultural fruit trees:
1 L  PERFECTAGRO  +  1 L  HUMICAGRO  per  1000 liters water per 1 ha every  7 – 10 days.

In applying for hydroponic, coco systems:
2 ml  PERFECTAGRO  +  2 ml  HUMICAGRO  per 10 liters.

It can be used alone or mixed with most fertilizers.
For all growing methods: hydroponics and soil.
The price of PERFECTAGRO is 125 €/1L