HUMICAGRO  is the natural organic growth stimulant and soil conditioner.

The preparation is the concentrate of humic and fulvic acids for restoring, improving and maintaining soil fertility and increasing crop yield.

HUMICAGRO  is produced from the extract of brown coals — leonardite on unique equipment by unique technology without the use of mineral, chemical components and is 100% natural organic product.

The advantages of using our product among other similar products on Polish market are:

— Concentrate is a strong natural antistress and resuscitator;

— The preparation does not contain pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and other pests;

— The product contains the whole complex of minerals, microelements, amino acids and vitamins, necessary for the growth and development of the plants.

HUMICAGRO  is applied for:

  • For presowing treatment of the seeds and planting material.
  • During the growing season: 200 ml / 1 ha, 3-4 times depending on the culture.
  • In spring in the period of spring cultivation of the soil: 400 ml / 1 ha.
  • For leaf-feeding dressing of plants during the growing season.
  • In autumn, during the period of stubbleremains: 400 ml / 1 ha.
  • After floods, fires and other natural disasters: 400-1000 ml / 1 ha, 6-12 months till complete restoration of soil fertility 2-4 times a month.

The number of treatments can vary depending on technology and stressful situations.

The rate of application of the product testifies to the economic benefits of HUMICAGRO  along with its qualitative indicators and influence on soil and cultivated crops.

It is recommended to combine with PERFECTAGRO (organic and amino acids concentrate), that will double the power of fertility activation and plant growth.

HUMICAGRO application:

Ornamental plants and tree nursery, turf grass, landscaping (in general):
10 ml  HUMICAGRO  per 10 liters water every  7 – 10 days.

In all crops:
200 ml  HUMICAGRO  per 200 — 300 liters water per 1 ha every  7 – 10 days.

Horticultural fruit trees:
1 L  HUMICAGRO  per  1000 liters water per 1 ha every  7 – 10 days.

In applying for hydroponic, coco systems:
2 ml  HUMICAGRO  per 10 liters.

It can be used alone or mixed with most fertilizers.
For all growing methods: hydroponics and soil.
The price of HUMICAGRO is 125 €/1L