HUMICAGRO plus SEAWEED is the preparation of the latest generation, completely new level of natural organic products to increase soil fertility, and plant growth stimulants.

HUMICAGRO plus SEAWEED innovation is in transmission of brown coal to aqueous extract meanwhile keeping the entire unique composition of this product. This procedure is carried on the high-tech equipment developed by our experts.

There is the whole complex of minerals and microelements, vitamins, amino acids and organic acids in the obtained aqueous extract, and the most important thing is the concentrate of humic and fulvic acids, that brown coal is rich in. It is proved that humic and fulvic acids from brown coal are the purest, the most saturated and biologically active, have a powerful stimulating effect on soil fertility and plant growth and can be widely used in agriculture.

In the process of  HUMICAGRO  plus SEAWEED  production, the extract of  humic and fulvic acids and ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM  seaweed extract are combined, that is attached the double power of plant growth stimulation and influence on the soil fertility.

HUMICAGRO plus SEAWEED is the natural, non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly preparation rich in minerals, microelements, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins and natural growth hormones that brown coal and seaweeds have.

HUMICAGRO plus  SEAWEED has a number of advantages:

— It stimulates the growth and development of the plants, brings out of the stress, improves photosynthesis, strengthens immunity, has a fungicidal effect due to the content of iodine and sulfur, that seaweed extract has.

— It is well combined with pesticides and fertilizers, strengthening their action.

— When applied into the soil, it improves the root nutrition of plants, stimulates the development of the powerful root system, activates the soil microflora, and increases the fertility of the soil.

— It is suitable for organic farming.

HUMICAGRO plus  SEAWEED is used in agriculture on field, vegetable and garden crops, in ornamental horticulture, gardening and pasture.

Due to the high concentration of humic and fulvic acids and other nutrients, the minimum amount of concentrate that is 200 ml per 1 hectare is appliedfor soil and leaf-feeding dressing, that is the lowest indicator on the market of natural organic growth stimulants.

HUMICAGRO plus SEAWEED application:

10 ml per 10 liters of water or 200 ml per 200 — 300 liters of water per 1 ha every 7 – 10 days.

In applying for hydroponic systems — 2 ml per 10 liters.


The price of    HUMICAGRO plus  SEAWEED  on EXW basis is 125€/ll.