HUMICAGRO plus AMINO is the completely new concentrate of natural organic acids, amino acids and microelements to increase soil fertility and plant growth.

HUMICAGRO plus AMINO innovation is in transmissionof brown coal to aqueous extract meanwhile keeping the entire unique composition of this product.

This procedure is carried on the high-tech equipment developed by our experts. The most important component of the extract is the concentrate of humic and fulvic acids, the purest, the most saturated and biologically active. They possess powerful stimulating effect on soil fertility and plant growth and can be widely used in agriculture.

In addition to humic and fulvic acids, HUMICAGRO plus AMINO contains 18 amino acids of L-form plant origin and 8 chelated microelements (Ca, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, Mg, B, Mo) of free L-form amino acids, that are easily absorbed by plants through leaves and activate biochemical processes in plants.

Amino acids are fully absorbed by the plant through the leaves and immediately included in the cycle of protein synthesis, saving a lot of energy for plant, which under normal conditions is spent on the synthesis of the same amino acids from micro- and macronutrients of the soil. This is very important when plants are in a state of prolonged stress, such as heat, cold, lack of water, disease, etc. Leaf-feeding dressing with amino chelates helps to survive stress with the lowest loss for the plant. Feeding with amino acids stimulates the process of photosynthesis in leaves.

Microelements in the composition of HUMICAGRO plus AMINO, eliminate their deficiency in plants. Thus, iron and magnesium eliminate chlorosis of the leaves; copper, zinc and manganese — increase resistance to disease; zinc also improves cell division, fruit inception.

HUMICAGRO plus AMINO has a number of advantages:

— Eliminates plant`s micronutrient deficiency.

— Acts as quick antistress agent.

— Increases yield and improves the quality of allcrops. Prevents yellowing, darkening and falling of leaves.

— Increases the concentration of chlorophyll and anthocyanins in plants.

— Improves photosynthesis and fixation of nitrogen by the plant.

— Stimulates the enzyme system and activates the synthesis processes. Participates in the synthesis of protein plants.

— When applied into the soil, it activates the soil microflora.

— Suitablefororganicfarming.

Due to the high concentration of humic and fulvic acids and other nutrients, the minimum amount of concentrate that is 200 ml per 1 hectare is appliedfor soil and leaf-feeding dressing, that is the lowest indicator on the market of natural organic growth stimulants.

HUMICAGRO plus AMINO application:

10 ml per 10 liters or 200 ml per 200 — 300 liters per 1 ha every 7 – 10 days.

In applying for hydroponic systems — 2 ml per 10 liters.


The price of  HUMICAGRO plus AMINO on EXW basis  is 125€/ll.